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 Home Page : Listing of available khutbahs from Makkah

The following is a list of the khutbahs from Makkah. Please note that they are all in HTML format. If there is a particular khutbah you are looking for, then please use the search page.

 No. of Makkah khutbahs available: 52
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Imitating Disbelievers by Sa'ud ash-Shuraim
Summary: 1) A warning against the imitation of disbelievers 2) Forms of imitating the disbelievers 3) An appeal to return to the Qur’aan and Sunnah 4) The positive response of some Muslim women towards invitations by disbelievers to imitate them
The Status of Advice in Islaam by Osaamah Khayyaat
Summary: 1) The keenness of Muslims to draw ever closer to Allaah. 2) The great bounty of advice. 3) The virtue of accepting advice. 4) The lofty rank of those who give sincere advice. 5) The true meaning of advising Allaah. 6) The true meaning of advising His Messenger sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. 7) The true meaning of advising the Book of Allaah. 8) The true meaning of advising the Muslim leaders. 9) The true meaning of advising the Muslims in general. 10) The continuous celebration for the obedient.
Islaam and the Current Challenges by Saalih bin Humaid
Summary: 1) A call to reflect on current events and how situations change 2) The benefits of trials and hardships 3) Major adversities are affecting the whole world 4) The corruption and misguidance that has resulted from current principles and ideologies 5) A criticism of western educational curricula and systems 6) The evil outcome of wars and the devastation they cause 7) The western system is a materialistic one, devoid of a spiritual component 8) The dire need for justice, mercy and noble conduct 9) The ability of oppressed nations to struggle and resist 10) The effect of trials on the Islaamic culture 11) Trials are a means of awakening the Muslim nation 12) Islaamic principles are a protection against trials 13) Islaam benefits all mankind
The Benefits of Hajj by Osaamah Khayyaat
Summary: 1) The greatness of the Hajj gathering 2) The benefits of Hajj 3) The objective of monotheism 4) Warning against not benefiting from Hajj
Death is enough as an Admonition by Saalih bin Humaid
Summary: 1) People are heedless and do not take admonition from those who die around them 2) The transitory nature of life 3) The evil effects of the wishing to live longer 4) The advice for continuous remembrance of death and the effect of that 5) The obligation of immediate repentance and preparation to face death
The Concept of Piety by 'Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Subaiyl
Summary: 1) The command of Allaah to His believing slaves to maintain piety 2) The reality of piety 3) The outcomes of piety 4) The obligation of attaining piety in all affairs 5) Sinning contradicts piety 6) A warning against oppression, deception and usurping people’s wealth unjustly 7) A general advice
Dreams in the Scale of Islam by Sa'ud ash-Shuraim
Summary: 1) People’s desire to talk about the unseen. 2) No one knows the unseen except Allaah. 3) People’s interest in dreams. 4) The position of educated people and intellectuals regarding dreams. 5) The position of Islamic scholars regarding dreams. 6) The reason for people’s interest in dreams in the present time. 7) The Prophet’s way in dealing with dreams. 8) The three types of dreams are: • True dreams. • Satanic dreams. • Whispers of the soul. 9) Dreams cannot be bases for Islamic rulings or judgment of people. 10) The conditions of dream interpreters and their etiquettes. 11) The danger and evil consequence of interpreting dreams through satellite channels and general people’s gatherings.
The Months of the Year by 'Abdur-Rahmaan as-Sudais
Summary: 1) The sacred months. 2) There is no virtue for the month of Rajab. 3) Pessimism about the coming of the month of Safar. 4) Cursing time is cursing The One Who decrees. 5) The trickery of Arabs and postponing the restriction within the sacred months. 6) Remembering the bounties of Allaah and thanking Him for them.
Steadfastness Until Death by Osaamah Khayyaat
Summary: 1) Steadfastness upon the straight path is a sign of one’s wisdom. 2) The Prophet’s supplication to his Lord for steadfastness. 3) The need to supplicate for steadfastness in our time. 4) Ways which help one achieve steadfastness and protect from diversion.
Supremacy on Earth by Osaamah Khayyaat
Summary: 1) The evil consequences of shunning the straight path. 2) The disease of greed and self-exaltation. 3) The evil consequences of self-exaltation. 4) The required and praiseworthy supremacy on earth.
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