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 Home Page : Listing of available khutbahs from Makkah

The following is a list of the khutbahs from Makkah. Please note that they are all in HTML format. If there is a particular khutbah you are looking for, then please use the search page.

 No. of Makkah khutbahs available: 52
 Currently displaying: 51 to 52
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No. Title  
Penal Laws and Secured Countries by Saalih bin Humaid
Summary: 1. The importance of security and that it is from the essentials of life. 2. Connections between faith and security and evidences for that. 3. Achieving security requires just legislation's and strong authorities. 4. Concept of mercy with which Islamic legislation came and penal laws are from its aspects. 5. The danger of leniency with criminals and the evil consequences of that. 6. The nature of penal laws and punishments in Islam. 7. The danger of repeating the statement that says" Islamic penal laws do not fit the present time".
Fast So that you may attain piety by Saalih bin Humaid
Summary: 1) Fearfulness of Allah and its virtue. 2) The objective of fasting is to attain piety, and what that means. 3) How does the heart fast, and the effect of rectifying the heart on the rest of the body. 4) The situation of the pious fasting people. 5) How do we prepare for Ramadan.
Displaying Khutbahs: 51 to 52
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