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 Home Page : Listing of available khutbahs from Medinah

The following is a list of the khutbahs from Medinah. Please note that they are all in HTML format. If there is a particular khutbah you are looking for, then please use the search page.

 No. of Medinah khutbahs available: 47
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The Virtues and Rulings of Hajj by 'Ali al-Huthaifie
Summary: 1) Worship is the exclusive right of Allaah 2) The virtues of worship 3) The merits of this Ummah 4) It is from the mercy of Allaah that He sent messengers and legislated different acts of worship 5) Hajj is one of the pillars (of Islaam) 6) The virtue of Hajj 7) Hajj is proof that Islaam is the true religion 8) Which is the perfect Hajj? 9) The pillars and obligatory aspects of Hajj 10) The virtue of the day of An-Nahr (sacrifice) 11) Recommended acts and etiquettes 12) The virtue of the ten days of Dhul- Hijjah 13) Fasting the day of ‘Arafah
The Description of Fire and the Situation of its People by Salaah al-Budair
Summary: 1) The objective behind creating the creations. 2) The description of Hell Fire. 3) The torment of the people of Hell. 4) Taking refuge in Allaah from Hell. 5) A warning against Hell and encouraging repentance.
O Protectors of Al-Aqsaa by 'Abdul Baarie ath-Thubaitie
Summary: 1) The gruelling predicament of the contemporary Muslim nation. 2) The affect of sins and disobedience in bringing about a nation's destruction. 3) The current struggle in Palestine. 4) Events which awaken the slumbering Muslim nation. 5) Harrowing news of the struggle. 6) There can be no peace with the treacherous and betraying Jews. 7) The dark history of the Jews. 8) The Jihaad of the Palestinians and their braveness. 9) Factors which bring victory. 10) The great weapon of supplication.
The Essentials for a Happy Marriage by 'Abdul Muhsin al-Qaasim
Summary: 1) The importance of the family. 2) The merits of marriage 3) Advice to the husband. 4) Advice to the wife. 5) Evil practices that occur during weddings. 6) A warning against spinsterhood.
The Muslim Home by 'Abdul Baarie ath-Thubaitie
Summary: 1) The dearest wish of all young men and women. 2) The great blessing of a happy home. 3) The husband and wife are the foundation of a happy home. 4) The Prophetic household is the example for all others. 5) A description of the homes of the first generation of Muslims. 6) The importance of raising children according to Islaam. 7) Cultivation by means of being an example. 8) The evils which result from the absence of the Muslim home. 9) The Muslim home submits fully to the commands of Allaah. 10) The Muslim home is one of remembrance and servitude to Allaah. 11) The Muslim home is one of advice and cooperation. 12) The importance of knowledge and actions to the Muslim home. 13) Chastity is a vital characteristic of the Muslim home. 14) Keeping the secrets and hiding the differences within the Muslim home. 15) The relation between the Muslim home and the wider community. 16) Cooperation in accomplishing housework. 17) How to achieve the ultimate happiness in this life and the next.
Good Conduct by 'Ali al-Huthaifie
Summary: 1) The objectives of Islaam. 2) The virtues of good conduct. 3) The definition of good conduct and some of its characteristics. 4) The good conduct of disbelievers. 5) Allaah and His Messenger sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam command us to have good conduct. 6) Indications of ones good conduct. 7) Indications of ones bad conduct 8) The fine conduct of our Salaf (righteous predecessors). 9) The exemplary conduct of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, and his teaching of this to his nation. 10) The difference between using ones wisdom and sacrificing ones principles. 11) That which causes people to enter Paradise and Hell the most.
Muslim’s Position Towards Western Civilization by Salaah al-Budair
Summary: 1) The reality of western civilization. 2) Western civilization has no spirit (materialistic). 3) Western civilization has more harm to it than benefit. 4) The eagerness of the west to dissolve Muslim’s identity. 5) The west utilizes their civilization to attack Islaam, and to finish Muslims. 6) Islaam calls for taking advantage of anything beneficial, and refuse anything evil.
The Importance of Recreation & It’s Precepts by 'Abdul Baarie ath-Thubaitie
Summary: 1) Comprehensiveness of Islaam. 2) Benefits of Entertainment. 3) Misconception regarding entertainment. 4) Entertainment according to the Salaf. 5) The corruption in present time entertainment. 6) The limits for allowed entertainment in Islaam. 7) The humor of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam . 8) Humor does not contradict servitude. 9) The problem resulting from free time, and how to utilize it.
Advises For The Times Of Trial by Salaah al-Budair
Summary: 1) The virtues of Islaam. 2) The future belongs to Islaam. 3) Muslims are in great need for self-accountability. 4) Muslims need to return to the Book (Qur’aan) and Sunnah. 5) The obligation of supporting our fellow Muslims. 6) The implications of the Islamic bound. 7) The sanctity of Muslims. 8) The hardships of Muslims at the present time. 9) The crimes of the Jews in Palestine. 10) Conditions for victory.
Real Manhood by 'Abdul Baarie ath-Thubaitie
Summary: 1) The meaning of the word man linguistically. 2) The meaning of the word man in the Qur’aan. 3) The manhood of ‘Umar may Allaah be pleased with him. 4) Describing real manhood. 5) Real men. 6) The danger of changing ones nature. 7) The danger of western educational methods 8) The children of Palestine. 9) The west is ignoring the crimes of the Jews. 10) The duty of Muslims towards Al Quds (Jerusalem).
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