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 Home Page : Listing of available khutbahs from Medinah

The following is a list of the khutbahs from Medinah. Please note that they are all in HTML format. If there is a particular khutbah you are looking for, then please use the search page.

 No. of Medinah khutbahs available: 47
 Currently displaying: 41 to 47
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No. Title  
Aspects of Glory by 'Abdul Baarie ath-Thubaitie
Summary: 1) Glory is only to be sought from Allaah. 2) Islaam implants Glory in the Muslim soul. 3) The road to Glory. 4) True Glory is in obeying Allaah. 5) Examples reflecting Glory from the time of the companions. 6) Mercy towards Muslims, and harshness against disbelievers. 7) The Glory of the Muslim woman is in wearing Hijaab (the Islamic attire).
Encouraging Truthfulness by 'Ali al-Huthaifie
Summary: 1) People’s ranks differ according to their faith and conduct. 2) The different levels of good deeds and bad deeds. 3) The virtue of truthfulness. 4) Real truthfulness is in words and actions. 5) Truthfulness is the foundation for faith. 6) The worst type of lying.
Death by 'Abdul Baarie ath-Thubaitie
Summary: 1) The fact that death will definitely occur. 2) Death is near. 3) The behavior of people today at the graveyard. 4) The benefits of remembering death. 5) The types of people at the time of death. 6) The good end. 7) Mentioning the good qualities of the dead, and refraining from his shortcomings.
Worship, Its Definition And Nullifiers by 'Abdul Baarie ath-Thubaitie
Summary: 1) The effort exerted by the Salaf in worship. 2) The worship of the Prophet. 3) The best deed to perform is the worship that is due. 4) The conditions of accepting an act of worship. 5) The consequence of abandoning them. 6) Worship covers all aspects of life. 7) Nullifiers of worship, and reasons for rejecting it. 8) The virtue of some acts of worship.
Dispraising following whims & desires by Salaah al-Budair
Summary: 1) A truthful believer. 2) The temptation of following one’s desire. 3) Struggle against one’s self & desire. 4) Reasons for following whims & desire. 5) Warning against mixing with those who follow their desires. 6) The description of one who follows his desires. 7) Dispraising innovations and warning against innovators. 8) Warning against not condemning innovations. 9) Warning against sitting in an ill gathering. 10) Encouraging repentance. 11) Propagators of women’s freedom. 12) The true value of life. 13) Warning against following one’s desire in judgment and testimony.
Disbelievers-Their Characteristics & Status In The Hereafter by 'Abdul Muhsin al-Qaasim
Summary: 1) Types of people-believers and disbelievers. 2) Characteristics of disbelievers. 3) The situation of disbelievers at the time of death, and in the grave. 4) The situation of disbelievers in Hellfire. 5) Warning against following the ways of disbelievers, and imitating them. 6) External imitation results in internal imitation (i.e. faith).
Sorcery And Its Danger by 'Ali al-Huthaifie
Summary: 1) The danger of Polytheism. 2) Sorcery is one of the seven major sins. 3) The effect of sorcery on the bewitched. 4) Sorcery that effects married couples. 5) Defining sorcery and its ruling. 6) A magician is to be killed with out a chance to repent. 7) The difference between extraordinary things that happen to Awliaa’ (righteous people), and wicked people. 8) Requirements to become from the Awliaa’. 9) How to treat and protect ourselves from sorcery.
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