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 Home Page : Listing of available khutbahs from al-Aqsa

The following is a list of the khutbahs from al-Aqsa. Please note that they are all in HTML format. If there is a particular khutbah you are looking for, then please use the search page.

 No. of al-Aqsa khutbahs available: 6
 Currently displaying: 1 to 6
No. Title  
Islaam, between the enemies' plans & the Muslim’s Betrayal by Abou Sunainah
Summary: 1) Encouraging adherence to the Sunnah. 2) The pathetic state of the Muslims and how their enemies conspire against them. 3) The great sacrifices of the Sahaabah for Islaam. 4) The grave dangers awaiting the Muslims when they turn away from Islaam. 5) The way out of all hardships is to return to Islaam. 6) A new evil Israeli plan. 7) The enmity of the USA, the UK and Russia against Islaam and the Muslims. 8) The betrayal of the Muslims in failing to support Palestine.
The Obligation of Supporting the Muslims of Palestine by Ismaa’eel Nawahidhah
Summary: 1) Having concern for the affairs of the Muslims is an Islamic obligation. 2) Condemnation alone does not fulfil the responsibility that Muslims have towards supporting Islamic issues. 3) The danger of abandoning the Muslims of Palestine. 4) A Muslim is honoured by virtue of his faith and can never tolerate humiliation. 5) An example of might and honour. 6) Perseverance and endurance are the provision of the Muslim at times of adversity. 7) An example of Israeli terrorism practiced while the world watches silently. 8) Palestine is a blessed Muslim land and its issue concerns all Muslims. 9) It is illegal to surrender even a hand-span of Palestinian land. 10) A call to remain steadfast through Jihaad and to rely on and trust in Allaah.
The Struggle between Truth and Falsehood by Muhammad Husayn
Summary: 1) Characteristics of oppressors. 2) Qualities of the oppressed. 3) The Struggle Between Truth And Falsehood. 4) The Pharaohic phenomenon. 5) The steadfastness of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam and his companions, may Allaah be pleased with them, while propagating Islaam. 6) Merits of Islaam. 7) The Israeli aggression.
Manhood – The Wish of ‘Umar by Maajid Al-Fariyaan
Summary: 1) ‘Umar wishes for men like Abu ‘Ubaydah 2) Unique models for manhood. 3) The true meaning of manhood. 4) Two examples of manhood from history. 5) How to instil the qualities of manhood into our children’s personalities.
The Sermon Of Conquering Al-Quds (582 AH) by Muhiuddien Ad-Dimashqie
Summary: 1) The great favour of Allaah of returning Al-Quds (Jerusalem) to the Muslims. 2) The Virtues of Al-Quds and Al-Aqsaa. 3) A call to remain persistent with Jihaad and obedience to Allaah.
Rushing to perform Hajj by Ikrimah Sabrie
Summary: 1) Muslims long to perform Hajj. 2) Hajj is a reminder of the Day of Resurrection. 3) The virtues of Hajj. 4) Encouraging early performance of Hajj, and warning against delaying Hajj. 5) The status of those unable to perform Hajj. 6) Addressing those who have already performed Hajj to give a chance to others. 7) An advice to learn the rulings of Hajj. 8) The Jewish rabbis seek leadership over Jerusalem. 9) The Israeli’s transgression in Jerusalem.
Displaying Khutbahs: 1 to 6