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About us
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All Praise is due to Allaah. May the Peace and Blessings of Allaah be sent upon His Messenger.

We welcome you all to the site where Imaams and Du'aat meet on the internet.

Everyone comes to benefit from scholarly khutbas that have different styles and approaches. This site aims towards enhancing the level of khutbas in order for Al-Minbar (The Pulpit) to correctly perform its rule, to direct the nation and spread awareness of Islamic teachings in the best possible way.

A group of brothers who realised the importance of utilising this new technology, have come together and produced this site after collecting its material from different khateebs, scholars and students of knowledge from different parts of the world.

This project that benefits Muslim masses in general, and Imaams and Khateebs in particular, took fourteen months to produce its first phase. There is a lot of effort and time to be spent to conclude the remaining phases which constitutes 60% of the project.

We hope that Allaah helps us and grants us sincerity and then that our brothers and sisters aid and support us and remember us in their Du'aa.