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 Home Page : Listing of current khutbahs

The following is a list of the khutbahs currently available online. Please note that they are all in HTML format. If there is a particular khutbah you want, then please use the search page.

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The Story of the People of the Rock by 'Adnaan As-Saimie
Summary: 1) ‘Islaam’ has two meanings: general and specific 2) There is no way towards Allaah but through Islaam 3) The call for interfaith 4) The effects of the call for interfaith 5) The Pope's visit to Syria 6) There can be no good sought from the Christians who are responsible for the massacre of Muslims in old and recent history 7) The real reason behind the Pope's visit to Syria 8) The reality of the call for interfaith 9) The ruling of this call according to Islaam 10) There can be no meeting point nor harmony with the Christians 11) What should Muslims do toward this call?
Penal Laws and Secured Countries by Saalih bin Humaid
Summary: 1. The importance of security and that it is from the essentials of life. 2. Connections between faith and security and evidences for that. 3. Achieving security requires just legislation's and strong authorities. 4. Concept of mercy with which Islamic legislation came and penal laws are from its aspects. 5. The danger of leniency with criminals and the evil consequences of that. 6. The nature of penal laws and punishments in Islam. 7. The danger of repeating the statement that says" Islamic penal laws do not fit the present time".
Maintaining Ties With Kinship by Saalih bin Humaid
Summary: 1) The co-relation between Tawheed and being dutiful and kind to parents and relatives 2) Who are considered kinship 3) The virtue of maintaining good ties with kinship and its effect between people 4) The ways and means of maintaining good ties with kinship 5) Abandoning kinship is a major sin and one is punished for it in this life 6) Helping one another in oppression and falsehood is not considered maintaining ties with kinship.
Traps of Satan by Saalih bin Humaid
Summary: 1) The reason of the enmity of Satan to Aadam and Eve. 2) The importance of knowing the traps of Satan to avoid them. 3) The traps of Satan include: a. Kufr (disbelief). b. Innovations. c. Following ones desires. d. Taking and giving Islamic judgments without knowledge. e. Stinginess and fear of poverty. f. Anger. g. Extravagance and negligence. 4) The way to salvation from the traps of Satan. 5) Advises and warning against some of Satan’s ways.
Those Busy With Remembrance by Saalih bin Humaid
Summary: 1) The true measure of dignity and honor between nations. 2) The concept of remembrance and its comprehensive meaning. 3) The status of those who remember Allah and their virtues, and the reasons behind Allah’s boasting to His angels about the people of Arafat. 4) How a Muslim spends his day. 5) The hidden connection between neglecting prayers and following one’s desires. 6) The consequence for being heedless of Allah and His remembrance
Son of Adam: I was sick and you did not visit me by Saalih bin Humaid
Summary: 1- Islam encompasses all forms of righteousness 2- The beauty of the Shariah is that it protects the rights of brotherhood and it etiquettes 3- Visiting the sick, its effects and virtues, its etiquettes and rulings 4- Some of the bad customs that prevent one from visiting the sick
Lawful Earnings by Saalih bin Humaid
Summary: 1) The importance of earning lawfully, its obligation and virtues. 2) The connection between pure earnings and the heart and belief. 3) Warning against ill gotten earnings and its effect on the community. 4) The importance of piety and abstaining from what is doubtful, and the situation of the Salaf in this regard.
Keeping good relation with kinship by Saalih bin Humaid
Summary: 1) The importance of keep good ties with Kinships and its effects. 2) How to establish ties. 3) Who are kinships? 4) The virtue of maintaining kinship and the evil consequence of severing ties with kinships.
“No” To the population conference by Saalih bin Humaid
Summary: 1) The secret behind Allah’s honoring of mankind - Mind, will, and the acceptance of Islamic legislations. 2) The actual reasons behind the Population Conference. 3) Today’s civilization is heading to destruction. 4) Provisions vs. having children…from an Islamic perspective. 5) Causes of crises in poor countries, and the point of view of superpower countries.
Fast – So that you may attain piety by Saalih bin Humaid
Summary: 1) Fearfulness of Allah and its virtue. 2) The objective of fasting is to attain piety, and what that means. 3) How does the heart fast, and the effect of rectifying the heart on the rest of the body. 4) The situation of the pious fasting people. 5) How do we prepare for Ramadan.
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