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 Home Page : Listing of current khutbahs

The following is a list of the khutbahs currently available online. Please note that they are all in HTML format. If there is a particular khutbah you want, then please use the search page.

 No. of Khutbahs in database: 237
 Currently displaying: 231 to 237
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Highlighting some Fallacies regarding Hajj by Muhammad bin Saalih al-'Uthaimeen
Summary: 1) A call to learn and understand Islaam and its rulings. 2) There is no connection between Hajj and Aqeeqah (i.e., the sacrificial slaughter and ceremony for welcoming a newborn Muslim). 3) It is not prohibited to cut down tress other than those within the Haram area (Makkah, Madinah). 4) Kissing the black stone and overcrowding around it. 5) Circumambulation behind the station of Ibraaheem. 6) The two Rak’ahs of prayer after Tawaaf. 7) Stopping Tawaaf due to prayer, or for other reasons and then continuing. 8) The Ihraam of a menstruating woman or one who has puerperal bleeding.
Islaam and the Current Challenges by Saalih bin Humaid
Summary: 1) A call to reflect on current events and how situations change 2) The benefits of trials and hardships 3) Major adversities are affecting the whole world 4) The corruption and misguidance that has resulted from current principles and ideologies 5) A criticism of western educational curricula and systems 6) The evil outcome of wars and the devastation they cause 7) The western system is a materialistic one, devoid of a spiritual component 8) The dire need for justice, mercy and noble conduct 9) The ability of oppressed nations to struggle and resist 10) The effect of trials on the Islaamic culture 11) Trials are a means of awakening the Muslim nation 12) Islaamic principles are a protection against trials 13) Islaam benefits all mankind
The Status of Advice in Islaam by Osaamah Khayyaat
Summary: 1) The keenness of Muslims to draw ever closer to Allaah. 2) The great bounty of advice. 3) The virtue of accepting advice. 4) The lofty rank of those who give sincere advice. 5) The true meaning of advising Allaah. 6) The true meaning of advising His Messenger sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. 7) The true meaning of advising the Book of Allaah. 8) The true meaning of advising the Muslim leaders. 9) The true meaning of advising the Muslims in general. 10) The continuous celebration for the obedient.
Kosova the Wounded by 'Abdul-Muhsin al-Qadhee
Summary: 1) Kosova exposed the great hatred that the Christians harbour toward the Muslims 2) Defining the region of Kosova 3) Kosova under the fire of Communism, then Christianity 4) The sanctity of Muslim blood in the sight of Allaah 5) Examples of the savage assault by the Serbs on the Kosovars 6) The tragedy of Kosovan refugees 7) Supporting the Muslims of Kosova
The Evil consequences of Lying by Muhammad bin Saalih al-'Uthaimeen
Summary: 1) Describing truthfulness with Allaah and His servants, and how to achieve this 2) The virtue of truthfulness, the reasons behind it, and the exalted rank of the truthful 3) A warning against dishonesty in worship and how this occurs 4) The dangers of lying, a warning against slighting it, and the debased rank of the liars 5) A warning against lying to children, and to entertain others 6) Lying and remising teachings of Islaam drives people away from becoming Muslim
Etiquettes of Visiting the Sick by 'Abdullah Hameed ad-Daghistaani
Summary: 1) The rights of a Muslim over a fellow Muslim 2) Virtues of visiting the sick 3) Etiquettes of visiting the sick 4) Gifts for the sick 5) Islaamic incantations 6) Supplication for the sick and virtues of being
Imitating Disbelievers by Sa'ud ash-Shuraim
Summary: 1) A warning against the imitation of disbelievers 2) Forms of imitating the disbelievers 3) An appeal to return to the Qur’aan and Sunnah 4) The positive response of some Muslim women towards invitations by disbelievers to imitate them
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