Khutbah No.

Rushing To Perform Hajj

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Secondary Topic

Islamic Jurisprudence & Rulings

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Khateeb’s No.

‘Ikrimah Sabri

Khateeb’s Name

Nasim Chowdhury

Edited By

Hazem Ragab

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1)           Muslims long to perform Hajj.

2)           Hajj is a reminder of the Day of Resurrection.

3)           The virtues of Hajj.

4)           Encouraging early performance of Hajj, and warning against delaying Hajj.

5)           The status of those unable to perform Hajj.

6)           Addressing those who have already performed Hajj to give a chance to others.

7)           An advice to learn the rulings of Hajj.

8)           The Jewish rabbis seek leadership over Jerusalem.

9)           The Israeli’s transgression in Jerusalem.



First Khutbah


Allaah The All-mighty Says that what translates to: “And proclaim the Pilgrimage among men; they will come to you on foot and (mounted) on every kind of camel, lean on account of journeys through deep and distant mountain highways;  That they may witness the benefits (provided) for them, and celebrate the name of Allah, through the Days Appointed, over the cattle which He has provided for them (for sacrifice): then eat you thereof and feed the distressed ones in want.  Then let them complete the rites prescribed for them, perform their vows, and (again) circumambulate the Ancient House.” (Al Hajj: 27-29).


O Muslims! Pilgrims long-for the day when they see the Ka’bah, they prepare themselves mentally and spiritually to perform this pillar of Islaam, where people from different backgrounds, colours, and locations meet around the Ka’bah, between Safaa and Marwah, and on the mountain of ‘Arafaat.


In that place they are all equal, leaders and followers, rich and poor, eminent and common people. All have come together for the sake of Allaah the only Lord, The Creator of all creatures, they worship none but Him.


O Muslims, The white Ihraam (clothes of Hajj) reminds a person of the Day of Resurrection and its hardships, and makes him forget this life and its pleasures. Why should this not be the case when Surah Al Hajj started as Allaah says that which translates to: “O mankind! Fear your Lord! Indeed the convulsion of the (final) Hour is a terrible thing!  On the day you see it every nursing mother will be distracted from that (child) she was nursing, and every pregnant woman will abort her pregnancy, and you will see the people appearing (intoxicated) while they are not intoxicated; but the punishment of Allaah is severe”. (Al Hajj: 1-2).


O Muslims!, our great religion (Islaam) commands us to perform Hajj, and considers it as one of it’s pillars. Allaah says that which translates to: “In it are clear signs (such as) the Station of Ibrahim. And whoever enters it attains security. And (due) to Allah from the people is a pilgrimage to the House – for whoever can afford the journey.” (Aal ‘Imraan: 97) One who has not performed Hajj whilst being financially able to must intend to perform this pillar.


Allaah says that which translates to: “For Hajj are the months well-known. If any one undertakes that duty therein, let there be no obscenity, nor wickedness, nor wrangling in the Hajj” (Al Baqarah: 197) So he who wants his Hajj to be a perfect and a complete one, must refrain from fighting, arguing, backbiting, and tale-bearing whilst at Hajj. The Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam described such a Hajj by saying - as narrated by Abu Hurairah: - “A perfect and a complete Hajj will have Paradise as a reward” (Bukhaarie & Muslim).


In another Hadeeth also narrated by Abu Hurairah he said: “The best of deeds is belief in Allaah and His Messenger, then comes Jihaad (fighting for the sake of Allaah), and then a perfect and complete Hajj” (Bukhaarie & Muslim).


In a third Hadeeth, Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam Said: “He who performs Hajj and does not have sexual relations with his wife (while at Hajj), nor commits sins, will come out of Hajj just as the day his mother gave birth to him” (Bukhaari & Muslim).


O Muslims! Our great religion encourages us to rush in performing Hajj and not to delay nor postpone it. Ibn ‘Abbaas narrated that the Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said: “Rush into performing Hajj because one does not know what might happen to him”. (Ahmad & Al-Baihaqi). His saying “… one does not know what might happen to him” means that new things may arise that would prevent a person from performing it, as he said in the following Hadeeth: “Let one who intends Hajj hurry, because he might get sick, might find his way to Hajj, or something might occur that would prevent him from performing Hajj” (Ahmad, Ibn Maajah, and others). Not finding the way to Hajj, could mean not finding ticket reservations, the car breaking down on the way, or anything else.


Now, to address those who are lazy and negligent and delay this obligation although they have the means and are in good health:

What guarantees do they have that they will not become too old or maybe even die before they perform Hajj?


Can they guarantee to continue being wealthy enough to perform it?


Can they guarantee not to become too sick, or die before that?


Do they have an agreement with the angel of death to delay their time until they perform it?


What are they waiting for?


Our Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said as narrated by Ibn ’Abbaas: “Take advantage of five things before five other things occur, your youth before you become old, your health before you become sick, you wealth before you become poor, your spare time before you become busy, and your life before death” (Al-Haakim, Ibn Al-Mubaarak, and others).


O Muslims! Our religion warns those who did not perform Hajj although they are capable; Hilaal Ibn ‘Abdullaah narrated that the Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said: “He who possess enough food for the trip, a means of transportation to reach to Makkah, and yet does not perform Hajj, then he dies, he would then die as a Jew or a Christian” (At-Tirmithi, Al-Bazzaar, and others).


Abu Umaamah narrated that the Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said: “He who was not prevented by a valid excuse, sickness, or an oppressive ruler, yet did not perform Hajj, will die as a Jew or a Christian” (Ad-Daarimi, AlBayhaqi, and others).


‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab once said, “I was on the verge of sending a group of men to the different Muslim states, in order to find out those who can afford Hajj yet do not perform it, so they would impose Jiziah (tax paid by none Muslims) upon them, because they are not Muslims, they are not Muslims” (Sa’eed Ibn Mansour).[1]


O Muslims! One might ask about the circumstances under which to perform Hajj. It might be that somebody was intending to perform Hajj for the first time, yet due to the quota restricting the number of people who can perform Hajj, or because they were prevented by the Israelis from leaving the country, or perhaps their city or village was militarily surrounded, or maybe there was another valid reason. What should a person do?


The answer is that one must always have a firm intention[2] to perform Hajj, and as soon as a real chance materialises, then it must be taken. If there was a person preventing them, then the sin and subsequent consequence would be on those who prevented and deprived them. If such a person was to die that year they would not be considered sinful, yet their inheritors must deduct a sufficient portion of the deceased bequest before distribution in order to use for the expenses of someone performing Hajj on their behalf. If the inheritors fail to do so, then they will all be considered sinful. Again, one must have a firm intention to perform Hajj every year until they are allowed to do so, or until there is nothing preventing them from performing it.


O Muslims! Those who have already performed Hajj must give a chance to others who did not, because they are taking their place and depriving them. It is a great sin to deprive another person from performing their first Hajj, but if one is sure that he is not taking someone else’s place then there would be no sin incurred.


Those who intend to perform Hajj need to be familiar with the rules and regulations of Hajj. It is an obligation upon you all to learn and understand it before going. You must implement these rulings and adhere to them, so that Allaah would accept your Hajj, this is especially so because you are responding to the call of Allaah, and announcing your love and loyalty to Allaah alone.


You will all be unified in your exclamation - a divine exclamation crying: “Labbaika Allahmma Labbaik, Labbaika La Sharika Laka Labbaik, Innal-Hamda Wan-Ni’mata Laka Wal-Mulk La Sharika Lak”  (I respond to Your call O Allah, I respond to Your call, and I am obedient to Your orders, You have no partner, I respond to Your call).


Second Khutbah


O Muslims! It has been circulated in the local media for the past few days that some of the Jewish rabbis have conducted a convention in old Jerusalem. They are demanding the Israeli government to implement the Israeli sovereignty on the holy Haram of Jerusalem. They are calling for the control over Al Aqsaa mosque, which is not something new, whenever these rabbis kindled the fire of war Allaah extinguished it, to preserve the Muslims lives, and to protect the Al-Aqsaa Mosque.


Al Aqsaa was the first Qiblah, the second Mosque to be constructed, and the third in rank and virtue after Al-Ka’bah, and the Mosque of the Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. It is where the Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam initiated his trip in which he ascended through the heavens.


Brothers in faith everywhere! It is no secret that the Jews want to take control over Al- Aqsaa, and they claim that Al-Aqsaa was built on the foundation of the temple of Sulaiman. This is a false claim which is not based on any founded evidence from any religious, historical or archeological sources. We do not recognize any right for the Jews in Al Aqsaa. The right is fully for the Muslims, this is a divine ruling that is not subject to negotiation, nor any compromise and all Muslims in the world are obliged to implement this ruling and protect it.


O Muslims! When we mention Al-Aqsaa we mean the mosque that is 144 Sq. K. (square Kilometres), including the walls and the fences. This includes the wall of Al-Buraaq, allies, the courtyard, the mastabas, the open area of Al Aqsaa, the old Aqsaa, the Marwaani praying area, and the Honourable Rock. All of that is a part of Al Aqsaa.


Brothers in faith everywhere! The Israeli police these days is trying to interfere in the affairs of Al-Aqsaa as a way of spreading their area of control. They are preventing any construction material for renovation or maintenance to be entered from its external doors. They are also hindering essential reconditioning and repair work due to the mosque and its utilities.


We affirm that this is the jurisdiction of the Islamic Awqaaf (ministry for Islamic affairs) and they are the authorised body who have the right to carry out such a mission. The police have no right to interfere, this is our mosque, and we are more concerned about it than they could ever be. The occupying Israeli government shoulders the responsibility of the crises that take place in Jerusalem, particularly those involving Al-Aqsaa (which they cause themselves).


Muslims and brothers in faith everywhere! The people of Jerusalem and other areas are devoted and will protect their rights and sacred places (Al-Aqsaa) .They will not allow any interference or transgression against Al Aqsaa. They will keep their covenant, and will never retreat regardless of the Israeli oppression “… And soon will the unjust assailants know what vicissitudes their affairs will take!” (Ash Shu’raa’: 227) “ … And Allah has full power and control over His affairs; but most of the people do not know.” (Yousuf: 21).

[1] Some scholars ruled the last three narrations to be weak, yet it would apply for those who do not perform Hajj believing that it is not an obligation, but as for those who are only lazy or negligent, then they are committing a major and a great sin, but they are still Muslims.

[2] Intention is a very important precondition for all acts of worship and other actions.