The Temple Conspiracy



The exact date of commencement of the Masonic movement is unclear.


A good definition of the movement is as ‘Dorzy’, the Dutch orientalist stated: ‘A large collection of diverse groups and different sects working for one objective; namely the establishment of the Jewish Temple, which is the symbol of the Israeli State.’ The word Mason is an abbreviation of the term ‘Freemason’ which means ‘free builders’.


In 1906 The Masonic Information Centre of Philadelphia stated: “Every Masonic assembly must be a symbol for the Jewish Temple and indeed they all are.


The Jews founded many organisations in Palestine with the sole objective of establishing the Jewish Temple on top of the ruins of the Al-Aqsaa mosque. This is in addition to the numerous other Christian and Jewish organisations that they have created. Moreover, the Israeli government has built five religious schools to teach students about the Temple, its history and its related rituals.


Al-Aqsaa Mosque has been attacked on numerous occasions:


·     In 1967 CE - The Jews occupied and profaned Al-Aqsaa. Moshe Dayan, who was the Israeli defence minister at that time, said that this opened up the road to Babylon (Iraaq) and Yathrib (Madeenah). Zeerkh Farhaftek, who was the Israeli minister for religious affairs at the time said: “I am not arguing with the fact that our final objective is to establish the temple, but its time has not yet come. Its time will come when an earthquake occurs which demolishes Al-Aqsaa. Then we will build the Temple on its ruins”. The digging that has been taking place ever since under Al-Aqsaa is nothing but preparation for the earthquake which they are dreaming of.


·     January 30th 1967 CE – An Israeli court approved of the right for the Jews to pray in any part of the Al-Aqsaa courtyard at any time during the day.


·     August 15th 1967 CE - The Chief Rabbi of Israel, Schlomo Gudin, entered the Al-Aqsaa courtyard in military uniform along with twenty soldiers from the Israeli army in order to take the measurements of its length and width. Then he announced where the temple will be positioned and formed a movement called ‘The Greater Israel Movement.’


·     August 31st 1967 CE - The Israeli army seized the key to one of the gates of Al-Aqsaa mosque (The Moroccan gate) in order to facilitate their entrance to the ‘Wailing Wall.’


·     August 21st 1969 CE - An Australian by the name of Dennis Michael set fire to Al-Aqsaa mosque. He was later released on the grounds of insanity.


·     In 1970 - Tunnels began being dug under the Al-Aqsaa mosque from its south and west sides.


·    In 1977 – The tunnelling reached to directly below the women’s prayer area of Al-Aqsaa mosque.


·     In 1979 - The construction of a small temple began under the structure of Al-Aqsaa mosque. It was given a grand opening by the then Prime Minister of Israel. In the same year, another complete tunnel was dug under the mosque, going east to west.


·     March 2nd 1982 - Fifteen people from an extreme Jewish group attacked one of the outside gates of the Mosque (The Chain Gate) and its security guard.


·     April 11th 1982 – An Israeli soldier by the name of Alan Goodman attacked Al-Aqsaa Mosque, shot one of its security guards and injured one hundred Muslims - with the assistance of other soldiers who where outside the mosque.


·     April 27th 1982 - Rabbi Kahane along with one hundred other Jewish radicals attempted to attack the Al-Aqsaa mosque while carrying a large diagram of the temple which would replace Al-Aqsaa.


·     August 1st 1984 - The Al-Aqsaa security guards discovered a group of Jewish terrorists preparing to blow up the mosque. Shaykh Al-‘Alami, the Mufti of Jerusalem, said: ‘Had it not been for the protection of Allaah, the whole mosque would have been completely obliterated’.


·     September 1996 – Another tunnel was officially inaugurated, which is yet another confirmation of the fact that plans to turn the mosque into a Jewish temple are well under way.


·     At present - Other tunnels are being dug under the mosque which means that now the Jews share this area with the Muslims. These tunnels can be used temporarily for worship, while the Israeli government has put electronic screens inside them showing the city of Jerusalem. On these screens, the Al-Aqsaa mosque and the Dome of the Rock are replaced by the planned Jewish Temple which is surrounded by new buildings of Jewish architecture.


The screens are there so that the Jews can pray inside these tunnels and imagine being inside their temple, with no Islamic remnants in sight.