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Kosova the Wounded by 'Abdul-Muhsin al-Qadhee
Summary: 1) Kosova exposed the great hatred that the Christians harbour toward the Muslims 2) Defining the region of Kosova 3) Kosova under the fire of Communism, then Christianity 4) The sanctity of Muslim blood in the sight of Allaah 5) Examples of the savage assault by the Serbs on the Kosovars 6) The tragedy of Kosovan refugees 7) Supporting the Muslims of Kosova
Islaam and the Current Challenges by Saalih bin Humaid
Summary: 1) A call to reflect on current events and how situations change 2) The benefits of trials and hardships 3) Major adversities are affecting the whole world 4) The corruption and misguidance that has resulted from current principles and ideologies 5) A criticism of western educational curricula and systems 6) The evil outcome of wars and the devastation they cause 7) The western system is a materialistic one, devoid of a spiritual component 8) The dire need for justice, mercy and noble conduct 9) The ability of oppressed nations to struggle and resist 10) The effect of trials on the Islaamic culture 11) Trials are a means of awakening the Muslim nation 12) Islaamic principles are a protection against trials 13) Islaam benefits all mankind
Islamic Legislation on Drugs by 'Abdullah Hameed ad-Daghistaani
Summary: 1) The five essentials that Islam came to protect and preserve. 2) The evidence of the prohibition of all the different types of drugs. 3) The opinions of scholars regarding the prohibition of drugs.
The Sacred Months by Ahmeed Adeeb
Summary: 1) The lunar months, and the reason behind their names. 2) The meaning of the saying of Allaah (which means), “The number of months with Allaah is twelve”. 3) Why were these four months called sacred? 4) Prohibition of and condemnation of oppression.
Respecting Teachers by Husain al-A'mash
Summary: 1) A call to respect teachers. 2) Humbleness with teachers. 3) The rights of scholars.
Encouragement to Seek Knowledge and Act upon It by Muhammad bin Saalih al-'Uthaimeen
Summary: 1) Encouragement to seek knowledge, and clarification of its virtue in life and after death. 2) The duty of students in the course of studying. 3) The preparation for the new school year. 4) The importance of practicing what you learn. 5) The duty and responsibility of teachers.
The Virtue of Knowledge by 'Abdullah Hameed ad-Daghistaani
Summary: 1) Knowledge leads to fearfulness of Allaah. 2) Acquiring knowledge is a great act of worship which has transcending benefit. 3) Life is dispraised except for the good in it, which especially includes knowledge. 4) Ahaadeeth regarding the virtue of knowledge and scholars. 5) Plagues of knowledge are, a. Boasting. b. Concealing it. c. Negligence in seeking it. d. Not conveying it if one feels that his knowledge is not a lot. e. Abandonment of applying it. f. Not having wisdom in conveying it. g. Relying on their understanding without referring to scholars. h. Not being explicit in explaining it. i. Forgetting knowledge.
Islaam, between the enemies' plans & the Muslim’s Betrayal by Abou Sunainah
Summary: 1) Encouraging adherence to the Sunnah. 2) The pathetic state of the Muslims and how their enemies conspire against them. 3) The great sacrifices of the Sahaabah for Islaam. 4) The grave dangers awaiting the Muslims when they turn away from Islaam. 5) The way out of all hardships is to return to Islaam. 6) A new evil Israeli plan. 7) The enmity of the USA, the UK and Russia against Islaam and the Muslims. 8) The betrayal of the Muslims in failing to support Palestine.
O Protectors of Al-Aqsaa by 'Abdul Baarie ath-Thubaitie
Summary: 1) The gruelling predicament of the contemporary Muslim nation. 2) The affect of sins and disobedience in bringing about a nation's destruction. 3) The current struggle in Palestine. 4) Events which awaken the slumbering Muslim nation. 5) Harrowing news of the struggle. 6) There can be no peace with the treacherous and betraying Jews. 7) The dark history of the Jews. 8) The Jihaad of the Palestinians and their braveness. 9) Factors which bring victory. 10) The great weapon of supplication.
Conditions for Victory, Reasons for Defeat by Waleed al-Miniesie
Summary: 1) Conditions for victory and reasons for defeat. 2) The miserable predicament of the contemporary Muslims. 3) Muslim rulers and leaders will behave towards their subjects as they behave towards Allaah. 4) A severe warning against discarding prayer.
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