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When we go through the Islamic sites on the internet, one notices that many sites fail to introduce those who run and supervise the site. This is despite the fact that these sites generally have well balanced and objective material, which is of course praiseworthy and something that we ourselves take pride in at our site.

However, people may deal with web-sites which they are unsure of the source with a great deal of caution and scepticism, just as they would with a book that has no reference for the author or publisher. For this reason the Al-Minbar team have introduced their staff and identified each one's role. This was not done in order to boast or show off, but rather to initiate a good practice that others with distinct web-sites would follow, in order to facilitate ease for the people who visit.

Wajdi Al-Ghazzaawi
Executive Director & Founder

Mobile: +966 55501504
Fax: +966 2 5349669

Educational Team

The site is being supervised by a distinguished team of students of knowledge. They are graduates of Islamic universities and Institutes of Hadeeth from Saudi Arabia, and specialized in different fields of knowledge.

The following is a summarised introduction to the educational team.

  • Dr. Munqith Saqqaar, Monotheism (Tawheed), Ummul-Quraa University.
  • Mustafaa Aitiem, College of Hadeeth, University of Medinah.
  • Adnaan Siamie, Hadeeth, Daarul-Hadeeth.
  • Adnaan Safa Khan, Hadeeth, Daarul-Hadeeth.
  • Abdur Rahmaan Qaaid, Hadeeth, Daarul-Hadeeth.
  • Zahir Balfaqieh, The Advanced Academy For Imams and Du'wat.
  • Abdul Khaaliq Juma'aan, The Advanced Academy For Imams and Du'wat.
  • Tariq al-Wahidie, Islamic University of Madinah.


  • Fahd Al 'Iesaa - Imam of Masjid Ibn AL Qayyim.

Data Entry

  • Abdullaah Salamie.
  • Khaalid Jaab Allaah.

Technical Team

  • Eng. Belal Saleh

Official Affairs

  • Ghassan Gazzawi.

English Site Translation

  • Nasim Chowdhury -Editor.