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Assalamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu,

Dear respected brothers and sisters,

We invite you to donate for a cause that will immensely benefit hundreds of thousands of Muslims. In return, we assure you of Allaah's unbounded mercy and continuous reward that will benefit you even after your death, which is when you will need it the most.

The English site requires your generous support in order to be fully functional. We have more than two-thousand carefully selected khutbas ready to translate; we therefore need to hire more translators, editors, and data entry personnel to continue bringing you professional articles.

We remind you that the Prophet Sallallahu aalaihi wa sallam said:

"Charity does not decrease wealth".

We should realise that, in reality our wealth does not actually belong to us, as Allaah says, "… spend from what we have provided you before death comes to one of you and he says: 'O my Lord delay me for a short period so that I can give charity and be amongst the righteous.'" (Al Munaafiqoon: 10).

We ask Allaah subhanahu wa ta'ala to accept your generosity and reward you abundantly in this life and the next.

Please send your generous donations to the following accounts:

1) Al-Rajhi Banking & Investment Group
Name of Account: Alminbar Web Site
Account Number: 443608010117773

2) National Commercial Bank
Name of Account: Alminbar Web site
Account Number: 13990000104/013