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 Home Page : Listing of Khutbahs and Articles on World Cup

The following is a list of the khutbahs and articles on World Cup. If there is a particular khutbah you are looking for, then please use the detailed search page.

 No. of khutbahs available: 14
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No. Title  
Imitating Disbelievers by Sa'ud ash-Shuraim
Summary: 1) A warning against the imitation of disbelievers 2) Forms of imitating the disbelievers 3) An appeal to return to the Qur’aan and Sunnah 4) The positive response of some Muslim women towards invitations by disbelievers to imitate them
Imitating Disbelievers and the Celebration of New Year by ‘Abdullaah Al-‘Alawi Ash-Shareefi
Summary: 1) Manifestations of some Muslims attaching importance to the religious celebrations of disbelievers. 2) “He who imitates a people will be from among them (on the Day of Judgement).” 3) The Islamic ruling regarding joining the disbelievers in their religious celebrations. 4) The Islamic prohibition of having loyalty towards the disbelievers.
The Obligation of differing from the Disbelievers by Saalih bin Fawzaan al-Fawzaan
Summary: 1) Islaam comprehensively covers all aspects of this life and the hereafter. 2) The meaning of the verse, which translates as: “Guide us to the straight path...” 3) This verse calls to adhere of Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam and differing from the disbelievers. 4) The command to differ from the disbelievers, warning against following their ways and the wisdom behind that. 5) Examples of imitating the disbelievers.
Islaam, between the enemies' plans & the Muslim’s Betrayal by Abou Sunainah
Summary: 1) Encouraging adherence to the Sunnah. 2) The pathetic state of the Muslims and how their enemies conspire against them. 3) The great sacrifices of the Sahaabah for Islaam. 4) The grave dangers awaiting the Muslims when they turn away from Islaam. 5) The way out of all hardships is to return to Islaam. 6) A new evil Israeli plan. 7) The enmity of the USA, the UK and Russia against Islaam and the Muslims. 8) The betrayal of the Muslims in failing to support Palestine.
Conditions for Victory, Reasons for Defeat by Waleed al-Miniesie
Summary: 1) Conditions for victory and reasons for defeat. 2) The miserable predicament of the contemporary Muslims. 3) Muslim rulers and leaders will behave towards their subjects as they behave towards Allaah. 4) A severe warning against discarding prayer.
Real Manhood by 'Abdul Baarie ath-Thubaitie
Summary: 1) The meaning of the word man linguistically. 2) The meaning of the word man in the Qur’aan. 3) The manhood of ‘Umar may Allaah be pleased with him. 4) Describing real manhood. 5) Real men. 6) The danger of changing ones nature. 7) The danger of western educational methods 8) The children of Palestine. 9) The west is ignoring the crimes of the Jews. 10) The duty of Muslims towards Al Quds (Jerusalem).
Advises For The Times Of Trial by Salaah al-Budair
Summary: 1) The virtues of Islaam. 2) The future belongs to Islaam. 3) Muslims are in great need for self-accountability. 4) Muslims need to return to the Book (Qur’aan) and Sunnah. 5) The obligation of supporting our fellow Muslims. 6) The implications of the Islamic bound. 7) The sanctity of Muslims. 8) The hardships of Muslims at the present time. 9) The crimes of the Jews in Palestine. 10) Conditions for victory.
When will your heedlessness end? by 'Umar as-Subayyil
Summary: 1) This life is temporary and the Hereafter is the everlasting abode. 2) The ill-effects of loving and favouring this life. 3) The indicators of love of this life. 4) Seeking wealth and position even through unlawful means. 5) The role of the media in intensifying this phenomenon. 6) The reason behind the humiliation of the Muslim Ummah at the present time. 7) The reality of death and the Day of Judgment should be enough to deter us from the love of this life.
The Evil Consequences of Sporting Competitions by Alminbar
Summary: 1. Introduction. a) The definition of 'competitions'. b) The Islamic ruling regarding competitions. c) The Islamic ruling regarding the setting of prizes for competitions. 2. The sport of Football. a) Defining the sport. b) The history of this sport. c) The Islamic ruling regarding football. d) The Islamic ruling regarding the offering of prizes for the winners in football. 3. The evil consequences of sporting competitions. a) Causing Muslims to love, honour, glorify and esteem disbelievers. b) Diverting Muslims from thinking about Islamic issues. c) Diverting Muslims from the concern of fulfilling their Islamic objectives and esteemed issues, to occupying themselves frivolity and trivia. d) Inverting standards and corrupting people’s perceptions. e) Setting an evil example for the Muslim youth. f) Hindering people from the remembrance of Allaah and from fulfilling their obligations. g) Enslavement and emotional control. h) Corrupting community and family relations. i) Leads to one cursing their own parents. j) Intensifies hatred and enmity between people. k) The wasting of money. l) It is a fertile medium for gambling. m) Creates victims of stadium catastrophes. 4. Research conclusion. a) The Islamic ruling and conclusion. b) An allowed exception. c) The Islamic ruling on the game of 'flippers'. d) A Message to soccer fanatics
The Obligation of Supporting the Muslims of Palestine by Ismaa’eel Nawahidhah
Summary: 1) Having concern for the affairs of the Muslims is an Islamic obligation. 2) Condemnation alone does not fulfil the responsibility that Muslims have towards supporting Islamic issues. 3) The danger of abandoning the Muslims of Palestine. 4) A Muslim is honoured by virtue of his faith and can never tolerate humiliation. 5) An example of might and honour. 6) Perseverance and endurance are the provision of the Muslim at times of adversity. 7) An example of Israeli terrorism practiced while the world watches silently. 8) Palestine is a blessed Muslim land and its issue concerns all Muslims. 9) It is illegal to surrender even a hand-span of Palestinian land. 10) A call to remain steadfast through Jihaad and to rely on and trust in Allaah.
Manhood – The Wish of ‘Umar by Maajid Al-Fariyaan
Summary: 1) ‘Umar wishes for men like Abu ‘Ubaydah 2) Unique models for manhood. 3) The true meaning of manhood. 4) Two examples of manhood from history. 5) How to instil the qualities of manhood into our children’s personalities.
Remaining firm during trials by 'Umar as-Subayyil
Summary: 1) The straight path of Allaah. 2) Observing Islamic teachings under all circumstances. 3) The nature of trials. 4) The harmful effect of trials. 5) The trials in our time. 6) Those who spread rumours capitalise on trials. 7) Returning to Allaah in repentance. 8) The responsibility of those in power during times of trials. 9) The responsibility of the common people during times of trials. 10) The example of the Sahaabah at the times of trials. 11) One must hasten to the performance of righteous deeds. 12) The innovation of celebrating the middle day of the month of Sha’baan.
Receiving Ramadaan – Rescuers from Trials by 'Abdul Baarie ath-Thubaitie
Summary: 1) Trials are from the preconditions of the Hour. 2) Punishment that comes down at the time of trials. 3) The greatest trial is that which affects ones faith. 4) Not everyone can remain steadfast during trials. 5) Things that help face trials. 6) Receiving Ramadaan.
Disbelievers-Their Characteristics & Status In The Hereafter by 'Abdul Muhsin al-Qaasim
Summary: 1) Types of people-believers and disbelievers. 2) Characteristics of disbelievers. 3) The situation of disbelievers at the time of death, and in the grave. 4) The situation of disbelievers in Hellfire. 5) Warning against following the ways of disbelievers, and imitating them. 6) External imitation results in internal imitation (i.e. faith).
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